WM6 Single Jet Dry Type Water Meter

WM6 - Single Jet Dry Type Water Meter


  • Dry register and register with 5 or 8 numbered roller.
  • Brass body can be painted or nickel coated.
  • High accuracy.
  • Measuring unit is m³
  • The meters conform to ISO4064 Standard Class B.

Working Conditions

  • Water temperature ≤ 30°C; hot water meter ≤ 90°C
  • Water pressure ≤ 1MPa (PN:1.6MPa/16bar)
  • ∆P < 0.1MPa


  • From minimum flow-rate (Qmin) inclusive, to transitional flow-rate (Qt),exclusive: ±5%
  • From transitional flow-rate (Qt) inclusive, to overload flow-rate (Qs), exclusive: ±2%
    (Hot water meter: ±3%)

Dimensions (in mm)

Size Length L Width W Height H Connecting Thread D
15 110 78 65 G 1/4″ B

Technical Data

Nominal Size DN (mm) Class of measurement Overload flow-rate Qs (m³/h) Permanent flow-rate Qp (m³/h) Transiional flow-rate Qt (l/h) Minimum flow-rate Qmin (l/h)
15 B 3 1.5 120 30

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